Ball mill rollin’ at Leland Olds Station

It’s a milestone in the emissions control project at Leland Olds Station.

Ball mill “A” was started for the first time with the main motor. Sargent & Lundy Startup Manager Ron Booker said the ball mill achieved satisfactory run in, concluding the check list.

The ball mill will grind up limestone for the wet limestone scrubber being built at Leland Olds Station. The scrubber will use a limestone slurry to remove sulfur dioxide emissions from the plant’s flue gas.

Les Larson, project manager, said the Environmental Protection Agency’s Regional Haze Rule, which provides for improvements in visibility at our national parks and wilderness areas, requires greater emission control through the installation of best available retrofit technology (BART).

The Leland Olds Station has always been in full compliance with all its federal and state environmental permits. By adding the scrubbers, Leland Olds will be in a better position to operate for an additional 20 to 30 years providing jobs and economic benefits to the area long into the future.

Leland Olds Station, July 2009

Leland Olds Station, July 2009

We’ve done several videos documenting the emissions control project progress. Click this link to see them in our YouTube playlist: Leland Olds Station

Note: You can’t see the Unit 1 stack in the aerial photo above, but it is still there… hidden behind the new scrubber stack.

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