Carbon capture incentive bill signed in ND

North Dakota Governor John Hoeven signed SB 2221 into law on April 22, creating an incentive for coal conversion facilities that capture carbon … [Read more...]

One minute on 60 Minutes

On the April 26, 2009, edition of 60 Minutes, Scott Pelley presented the report "Powered by Coal." Jim Rogers (CEO of Duke Energy) and Jim Hansen … [Read more...]

Member of Pres. Obama’s Cabinet visits Great Plains Synfuels Plant

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar's visit to the Great Plains Synfuels Plant couldn't have been scheduled for a better day (April 25, 2009). The … [Read more...]

Listen up, all you Tweeters on Twitter!

We're trying out a new tool, dug up by the ever-vigilant finder of social media tools Chris VandeVenter. If you're on Twitter (or would like to try … [Read more...]

Share your comments about a wind project in South Dakota

Basin Electric is in the process of developing a 151.5-megawatt wind project in central South Dakota. As part of the project, the United States … [Read more...]

Great Plains Synfuels Plant will host guest from Washington, D.C.

U.S. Senators Byron Dorgan, Kent Conrad, and Congressman Earl Pomeroy announced April 22 that United States Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar is … [Read more...]

Safety first! Then you get your iPod.

What’s a good way to get kids thinking about safety? Have them draw a poster illustrating safe practices. What’s a good way to get kids … [Read more...]

Hear ye, hear ye! Get your annual report!

The 2008 Annual Report will be delivered to the printer this week. That's the news according to Kathi Risch, Basin Electric senior staff … [Read more...]

Two-millionth ton of lime in the books

At about 2:15 p.m. CDT on Saturday, March 28, 2009, the Frannie Lime Plant produced its two-millionth ton of lime. “We did celebrate the milestone. … [Read more...]

Prospector Village isn’t your average “man camp”

On Sunday, The Gillette News-Record ran a great front page story about Prospector Village.Prospector Village is where many of those working at the Dry … [Read more...]