Cold, Colder, Coldest


  1. I remember Christmas Eve day 1983. The wind chill factor reached -70 F. and ND DOT eventually closed I-94 and put up gates about 10:00 am because of the cold, but not before my husband, my 3-month-old daughter and my sister and her husband packed ourselves into a Buick Skylark and headed east. We had a big piece of cardboard over the grill, and by Jamestown the windows in the back seat where I was sitting had a 1/2 inch of frost obstructing the view. Every 10 miles or so there would be an abandoned vehicle. The only people on the interstate besides us were highway patrol cars, and those were few. It looked surreal: overcast white sky met a white landscape. We were quiet in the car, somewhat fearful. There were few signs of life. We later discovered that my family in Ransom County had called us to tell us not to come, but we’d missed that call (this was before cell phones). That evening, after Christmas services, my baby daughter shivered with cold and cried as she was baptised in my chilly, drafty hometown church. I remember we wore coats at the altar, while the baby wore a slipper satin dress … for photos, of course!

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