Dry Fork Station trucks become Santa’s sleigh for a day

Basin Electric's Dry Fork Station employees and contractors generously donated six pickup truck loads of toys to two deserving causes in Gillette, WY: … [Read more...]

The wide-reaching tentacles of the Web

The Flip Side has been a great education in how the Internet works. I've been surprised by this several times. Here are some examples: 1. A hip hop … [Read more...]

Season of giving

Basin Electric gives more than $600,000 during the year through our charitable giving program. Take a look at this video to see three of the … [Read more...]

Laughing will warm you up

It's very cold outside (right now, it's 16 below - after it's warmed up some); the music video below just seems to fit. It's done by a group called … [Read more...]

A touching tribute

Twice this week, a Basin Electric video/photo crew went out to the ND Veteran's Cemetery. We wanted to capture the wreaths placed on headstones last … [Read more...]

$2.7 million jump start

Basin Electric is on a mission: to capture the carbon dioxide from one of our coal-based power plants, Antelope Valley Station. We're teaming up … [Read more...]

The letter: Another breakdown

We need to grow renewable energy use -- but we also need to continue to use domestic fossil fuels. Carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) is … [Read more...]

The letter: Breaking it down

From region to region, the potential to develop renewable energy changes a lot. For example, there is a lot of wind in North and South Dakota... and … [Read more...]

President-elect Barack Obama’s first 100 days

Today, Basin Electric and 25 of our member systems sent a letter to our senators. As these elected officials prepare to work with the new Obama … [Read more...]

Wealth of wind

If you're looking for somebody who knows about wind, we know exactly who you need to find: Ron Rebenitsch. He's Basin Electric's manager of … [Read more...]