“Man Tree” vs. “Ribbons and Pearls”

In all great decisions, there comes a time when only a vote will do. “The people should decide,” they say. “After all, this is their tree.”
And so, this is your chance to make your voice heard. The Christmas tree in the Headquarters cafeteria will remain decorated. How it will be decorated … well, that’s up to you. Vote below after viewing the photos.

"Man Tree"
Jeremy Woeste, Jesse Schuette and Tucker Smith fashioned the “Man Tree.”

Decorations consisted of:
– Pink extension cord for garland;
– Cell phone holders, pens, Corn Pens and key chains for ornaments;
– Hat with flashy Touchstone Energy lapel pin as tree topper;
– Computer mice, rubber bands, coffee mugs; and
– bags of chips, cracker packets.

They were told minor adjustments needed to be made. They agreed — on one condition. Before and after photos must be taken, and the people would vote on their favorite.

And so, “Ribbons and Pearls,” fashioned by Bonnie Leingang, Kathy Weisenberger, Marci Heidt and Theresa West.

"Ribbons and Pearls"

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