Happy Halloween: The gum on the bottom of the shoe

The folks at Dakota Coal Company are discussing very important business today. Chief Operating Officer Bob Bartosh is working on his speech for Annual … [Read more...]

The unsung hero

Mike Risan is my hero. He's the senior vice president of Transmission, and in my humble opinion, the hardest working guy leading up to annual … [Read more...]

Latest and greatest press release

Bismarck, N.D. — Basin Electric's 2008 Annual Meeting is a week away. The theme for this year's meeting is "Defining Balance," and it's being held … [Read more...]

900+ voices strong

Last year, about 900 people came to Basin Electric's Annual Meeting. To me, that's one of the best parts of working for a cooperative. These people … [Read more...]

Job and Joel are going to wow you!

Once in a blue moon, a person stumbles across pure, weep-worthy talent - the kind that drops your jaw, creating a downward path for the inevitable … [Read more...]

Surfing in North Dakota

We're super-excited about the entertainment for this year's banquet. But you just gotta see some photos from last year. The entertainment was a Beach … [Read more...]

Question of the day!

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Annual Meeting schedule

The countdown to our Annual Meeting is almost like the countdown to the day we'll know who is the next POTUS. The fun starts Election … [Read more...]

Question of the day!

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Start at the beginning

This is an experiment. This is only an experiment. A few of us brave souls at Basin Electric are going to try blogging during our Annual Meeting. If … [Read more...]