How cooperatives are raising money with a paperclip

Erin Huntimer and Katie Ryan-Anderson, champions of #CoopClipND

When we start working for a cooperative, we learn about what matters to this business model: commitment to community, building and nourishing … [Read more...]

Stay Basin: Enjoy a culture of support, appreciation


A little more than 33 years ago, Dave Soma’s finger landed on the newspaper ad that changed his life. “I had a business of my own, and I got a … [Read more...]

EPA extends 111(d) comment period

Today, the EPA announced another 45-day extension for comments to be submitted regarding its proposed 111(d) rule, which seeks to regulate carbon … [Read more...]

Touchstone Energy Brand Camp: Social media report

Today, Touchstone Energy Brand Camp played host to cooperative employees from across the nation. We provided a social media overview from yesterday's … [Read more...]

Basin Electric 101: Social media report

Today Basin Electric hosted a Basin Electric 101 day at the Bismarck State College National Energy Center of Excellence as part of the Touchstone … [Read more...]

Stay Basin: The cooperative values your expertise

Michael Petera

Michael Petera has an impressive range of skills. He’s designed everything from cockpit displays to cell phone software. But there was always one … [Read more...]

A social media report on STB hearing in Fargo

The U.S. Surface Transportation Board met in Fargo, ND, Sept. 4 to discuss issues with coal and grain shipments on the rail. Some Basin Electric staff … [Read more...]

Basin Electric crews work in extremes to keep electricity reliable

Transmission work

In North Dakota, this week offered its first hint of the cool weather on its way soon. For the Basin Electric employees who spend a good part of … [Read more...]

Grandpa and grandson learn about being a Basin Electric lineworker

Tysen Kraft and Roger Lawien

When you’re deciding on what you want to do for the rest of your life, going to take a look-see is a pretty good idea. That was what Tysen Kraft … [Read more...]

Student workers wrap up their summer employment at Basin Electric

Dustin Dutoit, assistant labor

It’s back-to-school time, which means we say good-bye to our student workers. Each summer, Basin Electric hires dependent children of employees to … [Read more...]


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